Thursday, July 20, 2017

Here Lately With Vaccines

Warning!! Touchy subject below-- 

I feel like I should tread carefully, however I also feel the need to share what's on my heart. So here we go...
I have spent countless hours researching vaccines lately. There is a LOT more information out than when I looked into it before. I have decided we will no longer vaccinate. My two oldest kids have all their childhood vaccines to date. Thankfully my baby does not. Vaccines are a very personal choice but I STRONGLY urge everyone to study up. Read what is in them. Pro life? Decide if you are okay with human DNA cells being injected into your child from an aborted fetus. Consider the additive and cumulative effects of  Polysorbate 80, which crosses the blood brain barrier, and monkey kidneys which are known to be a thriving host of cancer cells.  Research, research, research. Listen to the vaccine injury stories. Watch vaxxed. Do what you have a peace about. Just whatever you do, be informed doing it.
I've been open about the fact that the flu shot was the ultimate trigger for my daughter's NS. However, if you study it you will see that NS can result from many different vaccines. The kidneys simply can't handle it. Then there is the greed factor. So many vaccines are pushed so early in large because of the financial gain. That in itself makes me very nervous!! Vaccine companies cannot be sued, so there is very little reason for them to do much or any testing. Hep B given to every newborn on the first day of life, and HPV which is literally killing girls... These are just some of my reasons for the decision I made. There are many more including the potential effectiveness, and how they inflame the body... turning the T cells upside down so that we have an autoimmune epedimic. Autism, rheumatoid arthritis, celiac, Tourette's, childhood diabetes, NS, chrons... these have become our norm and they should not be. I do think food and environmental factors are also to blame, but the relentless injuries the babies immune system receives month after month- and so tiny... I believe vaccines play a huge role.
So, do not take my word for it or your pediatrician's word for it. Read up and decide for yourself. I would never look down on someone who had a difference of opinion from me. And hopefully most people have enough respect to do the same! Check out these links:

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1 Corinthians 10:31

"So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."