Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Gluten Free Dairy Free Potato Soup

Who Does Not Love a Yummy Comfort Food

 That Tastes Good??!

This soup is very easy and delicious! :)

You will need one bag of organic potatoes (I use russet), or 5 large potatoes (Organic potatoes are SUPER important.)
One carton of organic, gluten free chicken broth (or about 3 cups of your own fresh chicken stock) I use Pacific. You can add more water as needed to achieve the desired thickness of the soup.
One chicken gf bullion cube, "Not Chick'n" vegan brand
Sea salt, pepper
Hot sauce

Peel your potatoes, cut into 3 large sections. Put in Medium/large pot and cover with broth. Add the bullion cube and cook potatoes down, smashing them as you go. Cook approximately one- two hours.  Add sea salt, pepper, and hot sauce as needed. This with give it the appearance of a thick cheesy soup, and the bullion gives it a delicious taste! Add fresh bacon bits to the top and serve. Or for a diet with dairy, add shredded cheddar cheese as desired...while cooking, and on top!

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