Monday, July 23, 2012

You Are What You Eat

It is greatly coming to everyone's attention how all the chemicals and toxins in our food and environment actually DO affect us. Hmm, not much of a surprise. Nephrotic syndrome, often called " nephrosis " has been around for hundreds of years. It used to be referred to as " dropsy" which simply meant " water- logged". Dropsy was either caused by kidney problems or heart problems and is even mentioned in the Bible.

Over the many years of reported cases of nephrosis, most of them were environmentally related, and still are. This makes perfect sense when you consider that the kidneys are the main organ responsible for removing toxins from the body. Many cases were induced from eating something poisonous, after getting scarlet fever, having many upper respiratory infections, getting vaccinated, bug bites, and commonly today after getting a nasty virus such as strep. Doctors today say many cases of nephrosis have an unknown cause. However, when you consider all the known causes it seems ns is always induced by something that is percieved as foreign to body, and the body has a hard time properly fighting it off - thus going into protection mode and creating inflamation.

This brings me to my main point: FOOD PLAYS A MAJOR ROLE! Think about how God created the earth. Luscious plants bearing fruit, fresh grown vegetables and free range meat. Animals ate what they were intended to because they fed themselves. No hormones, no antibiotics, no injections, no vein popping cows or chickens that grew at twice the normal pace. No food that could last for a year and not spoil. Consider the vast difference could these crazy changes NOT harm us???

After reading about organic foods and chemical free products, it did not take much convincing that that was the right thing for us. Emma Kate's kidneys have to work hard enough each day, she doesn't need them weighted down with extra toxins and such to try and filter out. Neither do we. My grocery bill has certainly TRIPLED, but I know it's so much better for us.

I don't know if this photo is 100% accurate, but it sure makes you think twice about what you put in your mouth:

There are a couple studies I have found on the web and in online journals linking cow's milk and allergies to nephrotic syndrome relapse. Here are some of the best studies and related sites I have across:

This is one of my most favorite sites, with tons of helpful information! I made one of the kidney teas for my daughter when she relapsed, and  within a few hours she started peeing and her numbers were lower the next day. She had been on steroids for a few days already, but the tea DEFINITELY seemed to help. It's a huge site with lots to explore:

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  1. How healthy for us all to drink herbal tea! Healthier food IS getting easier to find now. My husband practically stopped eating wheat (b/c it is not now-w/all the additives-what it was many yrs ago) and he lost 8 pds in one week! Nothing changed but no wheat. It is our lifestyle now to eat low wheat content, not to lose weight or keep it off but b/c its healthy, we're hungry less and have more energy. And those things help the weight.